We did it! We raised $20,000 for Philly writers, indie booksellers and publishers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic! But why stop there? If you are able, please help us keep the fund going.

The Philadelphia Writers Emergency Fund is a donation-based resource to provide aid to writers, independent booksellers, and those who work at independent presses that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (also known as coronavirus).

All three are vital pillars of the Philadelphia literary community and rely on in-public author events and everyday retail for their income. With the state- and city-mandated closure of nonessential retail and the limiting of public interactions, these revenue streams are likely to be curtailed for the weeks and months to come.

In order to protect the creative individuals and cultural institutions that give so much to our community, we ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to the emergency fund. Every dollar helps those experiencing financial uncertainty.

If you are interested in applying for funds, please fill out the survey here.



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Blue Stoop and 215 Festival exist to bring the Philadelphia writing community closer together. In light of that, we are offering some exciting perks in exchange for your generous donations! Note: Rewards only available for donations made after April 10, 2020.

If you donate $25, you will have the amazing opportunity to attend one *exclusive* reading via Zoom featuring some of Philly’s best authors. Note: If you would like to attend more than one reading, please donate three separate times and choose a different reading each time. *Limit of 85 for each reading*

May 2 (4PM) Donor-Only Zoom Reading:

  • Alina Pleskova
  • Zach Blackwood
  • Kirwyn Sutherland
  • Julia Dasbach
  • Ashley Davis

If you donate $50, choose between poetry & prose perks! *Limit of 1 each*

  • Pushcart Prize-winning poet Raena Shirali will read 3-5 pages of poems and offer written feedback. Claimed!
  • Multi-genre author and Crawford Fantasy Award winner Stephanie Feldman will read a story/chapter/essay and offer written feedback. Claimed!
  • American Library Association Alex Award-winning author Sara Nović will read a novel chapter and offer written feedback. Claimed!
  • Former Reviews Editor at Publishers Weekly and published fiction writer Jessamine Chan will read a novel chapter and offer written feedback.
  • Former Visiting Writer at UC Davis and published author Annie Liontas will read a novel first chapter or nonfiction essay and offer written feedback.
  • Features editor at The Rumpus and online editor for Hungry Mountain, p.e. garcia will read 3-5 poems or an essay and offer written feedback. Claimed!
  • Emmy Award-winning documentary writer and former reviews editor of Cleaver Magazine, Nathaniel Popkin, will read a review/essay OR 20 pages of documentary film writing and offer written feedback.

If you donate $100, choose between grant/residency & prose perks! *Limit of 1 each*

  • Jacqueline Goldfinger, winner of the Yale Drama Prize and Philadelphia Critics Award, will offer feedback on a grant or residency app, and Zoom with you for an hour.
  • Pushcart Prize-winning author Emma Copley Eisenberg will offer feedback on one story or essay up to 20 pages and Zoom with you for an hour. Claimed!

If you donate $250, you'll hit the reading and writing jackpot! You'll be sent a link to each of our three Zoom readings and receive both a Blue Stoop and 215 Festival tote bag in the mail, both stuffed with books from local authors and independent presses! *Limit of 8*


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